Sunday, November 30, 2008


These cars have something about them.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow fun!

Went for a ride in the snow yesterday. Wheelspin in all gears all the time was fun.
The freeway was actually scary..haha. Too bad I couldn't shoot any video.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Didn't expect my last post to be that long! :O

Picture time!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunshine after the rain.

What an awesome weekend!
I'm still tired and even skipped class today...oops.

Saturday 5 a.m. the alarm went off, time to pack and go!
Stopped by a friend of mine, also an AE86 driver, and went together to the track.
On the way there we bumped into another AE86! Vernon Zwaneveld:

Vernon's AE86 was being trailed, so he had to watch our Levins from behind a steering wheel of a Renault van. He said afterwards that he really wanted to make his car street legal! haha.

The day started out pretty wet, and it kept raining the WHOLE saturday.
I was stupid enough to just wear my Converse sneakers.
My toes weren't just wet, but were freezing off aswell.. :S

Luckily the weather cleared up on SUNday, we even had a couple hours of sunshine..haha.

The track had dryied up fast, witch was more fun then wet.

I went trough 4 tires on saturday, and 4 halfway trough sunday. I had to kept my last pair of tires in one piece for the little compatition on the small track.

After the Jury had finished judging the main event, the came our way and explained the competition: Everybody gets 3 runs. Best score of the three counts.

First run I was doing 80km/h before the handbrake entry, but I understeerd. Still went on and drove the rest of the track on safe, didn't want to spun out.

Second run, I really wanted to nail the entry, so went a bit harder, 90km/u, pulled the handbrake a bit longer/harder and it went good. Lots of angle and good line. Nailed the rest of the track too, tried to get a lot of angle everywhere.

I was quite happy with my second run and thought, I'm not going to play it safe on the third, but just go full out. Great entry, then a short left, right left, and the comes the long sweeper to the right. I couldn't link this one in one go the whole weekend. Mainly because of the lack of power from my stock 16v(120hp) You really need to be in 3rd gear for this one. So I shift up, transition, clutchkick to keep it going, but went too wide and spun. Meh...too bad.

The judges started naming the scores from last to first. I hoped I would get top three, but wasn't sure of it until they named the 4th, and it wasn't me!

I got third!! Yeah!

Pretty happy with the result, learned a lot. And it was the first event I did with the handbrake working, felt sooo good!
Still lacking major power in third gear, realy need to do something about that.

I also managed to get some pics and vids of the weekend!

Skylimit drift event 1&2 nov. Brustem 2008 from on Vimeo.