Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer time.

Chopping exhaust next, then going lower.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday fooling around.

Big power S15

60.000km stock SR20det.

Just the usual bolt ons and a GT3071.

Maxing out injectors at 475hp.

Should be well over 500hp with 1000cc injectors.

All this on an factory SR!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can't wait

...to get my license plates finally. Should be getting them this week.

So I took the car for inspection last week.
The mechanics gave me "the look" once I drove the car inside.
One of them even said.... " I don't think it will get up the lift..you should probably go home."
I'm up to a good start huh..

I tried to stay kind...and suggested to use the "dug out" instead of the lift.

There...it fits fine:

Inspection starts.
Brakes: good
Lights: good
Seatbelts, electrics: all good.
Exhaust CO: good, once the cat was warm.
One remark...my rear indicators are not allowed to shine to the sides, which normally is not the case, but since the previous owner modded the rear lights cluster with leds, he added some extra to the sides as well.

Next up checking underneath the car...all seams good so far.

Inspection continues..and everything is ok.

The then mechanic tells me to get the car outside for a sound test.
Err...sound test?? I didn't know I had to have exhaust noise tested as well.
Apparently since my car is a direct Jap import, they had to do that as well.
I had no idea what the allowed noise levels were and if I would pass them.

Nervously I rolled the car outside where the mechanic set up the instruments..

Just passed the sound test...phew. Cat + mid silencer + dual silenced tips = 89.5 Db.

And by the end the only thing wrong, were the rear indicator lights.
Luckily the inspector seamed to be less negative about the car and said to me, if I could fix the rear lights right now, the car would pass inspection!

I grabbed some tools, tried to figure out how the led's were wired.....took a gable, cut a cable.......and luckily enough....it worked.
Inspectors comes back....looks at the lights, smiles and walks back to get the paperwork done. :D

So that was last week......since then I have been getting the car ready for some street testing ;)

Got a second pair of spacers in. Had to roll the arches a bit more to fit some meaty 225/45/17 tires.
Gonna test those and some 205/55/16 tires to get a feel how the car reacts. Coming from AE86 and 185/60/14 tires..this is all new for me :P

Next post will have some action :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010