Friday, December 19, 2008

New hood/bonnet.

After my little accident, I had a year ago, my hood was all messed up. Luckily a friend of mine from Belgium offered me his hood. So I told him to bring it to my place in Maastricht. Unfortunately as my car is always at my parents place about 100km from Maastricht, I didn't get the chance to put it on and it's been sitting in my room since September...
Well as I have a 2week holiday I thought, why don't I just go and get that hood already! So I took my old beaten one off and droven the car without a hood.

Man...the attention you get driving without a hood is enormous!!

I'm used to people staring at my car because of the wide cambered wheels and low ride height. But this was too much..hahah!

One other thing that has been taking a while to get done are the fenders.
I hope to sort those out sometime next week! :)

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C's Garage said...

Always loved your car mate, thanks for the blogroll add, have added you too.