Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saw a fast car today.

As you may have noticed from some pics I usually work on my car at the local tire garage.
I have been working there on Saturdays for the past 2 years now.

Well yesterday I went to work some more on the fenders, forgot to take my camera with me unfortunately.

While there a co worker says to me "there is a suprise coming this way".

Hmm....I knew that his nephew had a GTR34...well.

An hour later this was parked outside the shop!:

The nice thing about this one was that it was a limited Z-tune Z1 model with a RB28dett. And the engine label read: 001! He also said something about it having an upgraded gearbox and that an R6 couldn't keep up with it on the freeway...awesome..haha!

He was going to repainted it blue again and put the stock bumper and TE37 wheels back on. This is what it looked like about a year ago.

This all made me want a faster car even more!!!

I'm saving for a new car project for next year! ;)

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