Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate solid rear axles.

Tried a 18x9,5 on the corolla for fun.

16's really is the largest you should go on a AE86.

Painted the lip, again. That was needed..haha.
And mounted it a bit better/straighter. Looks good now!

But I really hate the solid axle on these cars. I want adjustable rear camber!!

Came across this s14 on pistonheads.com.

Looks good, just needs some extra details here and there.
I think I'm going to build something like this next!
Only with less hp.(that one got a td-06 400hp..blablabla) I would keep the nice stock engine bay. Just an intercooler and maybe a shiny strut bar.
Interior would be: Bride, nardi, halfcage, and probably some gauges and a dvd player.
Some vertex and r33 wheels on the outside..really basic.

I want a new car sooooooooooooo bad!!

Also...ordered 111 stickers!
That's going to be a LARGE package. :D


Anonymous said...

K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid).. so nice.. so easy.. so sexy haha.

Tony.A said...

Are you calling me stupid!!?... :P