Friday, March 20, 2009

Pocket Dyno.

You can get this FREE app from the App store.
Using the iPhone accelerometer and gps it can record acceleration & 1/4 mile times and estimate wheel HP.

The only tricky part you have to get right, is the weight of your car.(fuel, passengers etc)

DIY iPhone holder: tomtom windshield mount + 3 rubber bands.
Works great.

Tap to start:

Did 3 runs and got almost identical measures.
Stock 4age Levin.

A bit optimistic. I don't know the exact weight of my car.
Had it set on 1050kg. But it's probably less, which would make the whp a bit less.(think about it, makes sense.)

Tried it with a s13 last week and got 192whp.
That sounded quite right since he should have about 220hp.


Skippy said...

that's cool!

can you get the same app for windows mobile? my htc touch diamond has got the same accelerometer and gps stuff.

Anonymous said...


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