Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still waiting..

It's cool to have a rare car. (ae86 are rare in mainland europe)

But every time you break something.... you're stuck.

No parts available.

Nearly every part on my car had to come from the USA or Japan.

Same thing now...need a r&p......

I'm still waiting for it until it arrives from US.

I wanna drive again!!

The weather is nice finally.

The nights are nice and warm.

Driving slowly through the streets.

Looking out for imperfections on the road

Finally arriving at the spot.

Roll down the windows and go!

Feel the wind softly blowing in your face.

As you go sideways left and right.

High speed dancing through the night.


banpei said...

What is so special about the R&P that it has to come from the US?
Most parts are available in Europe (mainland) and otherwise UK

Tony.A said...

Who got a 4.77 r&p with solid spacer in stock then?

Spitfire said...

Same with me, my car´s been grounded for almost a month now...

guess I have more time for blogging though lol

Tony.A said...

You still have that sr5 hatch?

Spitfire said...

Nope, I got myself a pretty decent zenki 2door... Its almost rust free but the electrics are completely fucked up because the old pops who owned it for years before me did some "upgrades" like an alternator from škoda 120 and stuff like that...

Ill take some better pics soon I hope, anyways you can check it out over here: http://www.86ers.org/86-life/pic-80s-night-fever/

Anonymous said...

i am sure there are some R&Ps 4,6 at fensport in stock.