Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I fucked up

Got the r&p stuff friday.
Started putting it all together.

Pressed the bearing onto the pinion shaft.
Checked the play.......hmm that's not good.

Put it side to side with the old one....
heey.....is that a ring underneath the bearing on the old pinion??

Look through the rest of the package....
Oh....this one looks like it.
I guess I had to put the ring on BEFORE pressing on the bearing.


I soooo wanna do THIS!!

Cool chubby jap guy:


Matej said...

Chubby AZN bro is so rad, haha.

Good luck with your car!

slamburglars said...

keep on, keeping on homie. it'll work out eventually.

Anonymous said...

haha i did that once in a Mc D's drive thru, my food was taking ages so i did a skid until they bought my food to me. smoked out the hole inside of mc d's. haha