Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Team dreamy.

Check these dudes out.
They look like they came from a 1999 team drift comp, awesome!

Did you know that pre '02 miatas don't have a low fuel warning light?

I didn't.
I was waiting till it showed up....but after 80kms with the needle beneath "empty" you start to wonder...maybe there is no light....
So I drove to the station hoping it doesn't run out of fuel halfway.
I think it had about 1 liter over:

Put new headrest speakers in too.


ivan the terrible said...

awe it looks sad haha

got the stickers! they are sooo legit! and we got ver. 2.0 done today too! so i will send those over ASAP.


thats our forum, join :D

Spitfire said...

1,46€? damn thats harsh. Prices over here are just sligtly above 1€ for a regular 95 octane. Funny considering we both live in the EU...

Tony.A said...

Thanks Ivan!! they look dope.

Spit: Man...don't start about the prices..haha.

I remember when ours were about the 1euro mark. That was when I got my license ..about 5 years ago... :|

70% of the price is tax...... ugh!!