Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So cool.

I want to get one again. These cars feel so amazing to drive.


ingmar said...

you shouldn't have sold yours!
i know where to find one though :)

HybriD said...

:D Best cars ever, esspecially with a bit more power hehe, thanks again for the helping hand thurday ;)

Matej said...

He kind of looks like Haruguchi♥.

Tony.A said...

Hahaha..he does indeed!

patrick said...

can't wait to drive one again either..

i will visit you when she's back on the road :)

BRUUTT! said...

DAMN cool!

Ey, tony ik heb ook een blog nu.
( Bennie/corolla/baanbros/lancer evo.

Heb een rwd toyota carina nu.