Friday, March 13, 2009

Last weekend

Got together with a couple of friends last weekend to hit some spots.
After an hour at the first spot I wanted to try my buddys S13.
I've had my stock powered ae86 for 2 years now and forgot how real power feels.

Man....what a difference.
The setup was pretty basic:
-ca18det t25

But even with "just" 220hp The car drifted on half-throttle with ease.
In the ae86 I need to clutch kick every 2 seconds just to keep the wheels spinning. Ugh..

I managed to make two runs...and by the time I went in for the third run...the cops came by.........oops!

Luckily enough they just asked us to leave...phew...

So we went to another spot where we had some more fun.
Another buddy of mine borrowed my set of r33's and put them to good use.
The tire was pushed all the way to one side..haha

I managed to dismount it today and threw a "fresh" set on.
Had to use the old brake cleaner trick to get them on.
Always fun to do. :D

So..after the "s13 experience" I REALLY need to get a turbo car next.
I wanna smoke tires like greasy bacon on a bbq.

Oh yeah..
some local groupies came to take a look. :)

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