Friday, March 13, 2009

Poster making 101

Always wanted a poster of something cool you saw?

Here's a simple how to.

Take a pic of whatever you like.

I for instance saw this newspaper add of this girl and HAD to have her on my wall.

So I took a phone pic:

Then went to and downloaded the program.

Now open any picture you want, choose a size(I did a 3x3 a4) and you get a printable PDF file.

All that is left to do is print the pages and stick them on your wall.

The result:


Rhoad Racing said...

I printed a poster using this a while back. It was 10'x10' and used something like 110 pages. It was a giant fucking gigsaw puzzle. So I never got around to hanging it. Yours turned out much better.

Tony.A said...!? 10x10. Must have been a big wall.