Saturday, May 16, 2009

Black 'n green.

Ordered some new skate stuff.
Plain black deck, new bearings and GREEN wheels.

Don't know why I chose that exact color combo...but it reminded me of this S14:

Looks cool right...


Wow.....that car just blew my simple yet sooooo perfect.

Here is the list of mods just so you can see how SIMPLE this actually is:

Suspension: Old Cusco coilovers
Body: Atomic Rex side skirts and an RE-style diffusor.
Wheels: Rota Grids 18x9.5+30 225/35/18 front, 18x10+15 225/40/18 rear

Thats it!


ingmar said...

jup thats all it takes! i also saw that rx7 a few days ago. just simple and nice! its the same with your car, almost stock body and a nice stance and wheels.

Spitfire said...

Hey Tony, you skate? Dude, we seriously gotta meet one day :-)

Tony.A said...

Hahah..really you too? Cool man! When is the next hachi meet at the Ring?

Spitfire said...

Hehe hell yeah I do... though I dont have a board right now. Some fucking nazis stole it while I was beating up one of them...

Mark Riccioni said...

Just been sent this link, wow! Glad you like my car :)

For anyone interested, i just decided to get a boso-spec pipe made up for it (detachable as im a wimp)

Oh and being a chav in it: