Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night magic.

That first entry is so good!


C's Garage said...

Where are you getting all these from! Uploading from dvd's? Awesome!

ingmar said...

that red one has r33 gtr wheels and has almost the same look as mine is going to be! i just love it.
you make the waiting even harder!

@c's garage, yes he is uploading dvd's.

Tony.A said...

I love how that red one is scrapping his exhaust over the track.

Do it!!! :D

And all those vids are from Drift Tengoku vhs/dvds. I'll get some abomun for ya soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

is this really a 86 owners blog? your past is showing ..go back to nissan ..

Tony.A said...

You're right. Maybe it's time to post more 86s. How about a 13b levin? Or crazy Ueo entrys?...coming soon.

Slappy said...

Puuurddy good video